Tuesday, June 17, 2008


After an unusually hot and humid June here in Virginia, last night the weather changed with the roar of thunder, the flashing of lightning, and music of rain. I took a blanket and Wyatt, the dog, out on the porch where I stayed until the storm passed on into the silent night.

Storms make me rest in the Lord. I listen to the sound of rain rustling through the trees and tapping against the roof and windows. I watch the color of the green leaves restored from darkness with the flash of lightning. I feel the earth tremble with the power of thunder. All of this aligns me with the truth that this is just a little show and God is infinitely more powerful.

I have problems. Don't you? Even though they are oppressive, God is all powerful and will see us through. That doesn't mean that the trees won't fall on our house, nor that we won't be struck by lightning. We are part of this world.

Jesus said that we would have serious trouble in this life. And that we should be happy anyway. "Happiness is not always possible, but we should direct our focus in that direction.

May you find the peace that passes understanding today. May you listen and hear the music of the heavens in the storms of life.


jeleasure said...

Those are inspiring and insightful words. You have a tender spirit and I am happy that you share that side with the world.

Anonymous said...

I like storms too. It is wonderful to see a different side of nature.

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Great Grandfather Humes
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