Saturday, June 7, 2008


My husband loves to spend time meeting new friends through his blog. I decided that I should also start posting some of my thoughts. This could be never ending since I have so many interests.

It is odd that the first posting I have is sad in nature. Someone precious recently died unexpectedly. What are your thoughts and experiences that may help me listen and understand those who are closer to the situation?

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jeleasure said...

Hi Vicki,
That is really a neat picture of your Great Grandfather Humes' trucking company.

Vicki said...

Thanks, Jim.
My Great Grandfather was an amazing person. He could add a list of multiple digit numbers IN HIS HEAD.

Ro said...

Hi Vicki

Great Grandfather Humes

Great Grandfather Humes
Great Grandfather, Charles Humes, started the family interest in trucks. He is in the center of the picture and Great Grandmother, Eva Humes, is to the left of him.