Monday, June 30, 2008

My God is Sovereign

I am a philosopher and a theologian. And I have come to the conclusion that this is the fabric of mankind. Even those who do not believe in a god have a name - atheist. Those who believe there is a god who does not care about humanity are called agnostics.

We all must formulate a way to interpret our existence. Whether we like it or not we all live according to our own philosophy. What works for you? Will it work for eternity if there is one? Will it stand up if you are wrong?
God exists and He decides who goes to heaven or hell.
If I believe correctly then I will go to heaven. If I snub God, or believe incorrectly, I could go to hell.
God does not exist and there is no heaven nor hell.
It does not matter what I believe because there is no eternal consequence.
If I believed in God I may be happier even if I am wrong.
I do not know any atheists nor agnostics who have the happiness that I have even in the face of bad situations.

We have the freedom to decide what to believe and what god to worship. Many choose themselves in some form to be the object of worship. Even though our freedom is genuine, the consequence of our belief is just as real. We cannot change the outcome. Since there are rules that govern outcomes and rules that scientifically hold the universe together, it seems reasonable to believe in a god who has power.

Before talking about Love, I want to talk more about God's Sovereignty.


jeleasure said...

I like how you itemized ideological processing relating to truth or consequence.

jeleasure said...

Hey Hun,
Take a look at this interesting post.

Vicki said...

Thanks, Sweetie Pie, I can always depend on your love and support. Thanks for the ice cream tonight too.

thekingpin68 said...

Hi Vicki.

Interesting comments. I have written about God and sovereignty on various articles on my blog, thekingpin68. My latest article July 1 will be a revised article on sentimental theology.

Here is one example from my archives to scan if you wish. I do not hold to libertarian free will, but to soft-determinism/compatibilism and a limited human free will..

I state in the article:


It may be correctly pointed out that what God determines and causes must necessarily (logically must occur) take place. However, I do not think that God coerces or forces individuals to commit actions. Some Calvinists suggest that human beings are not free in any respect, but have liberty to follow their motives and desires. A problem with the use of the term liberty, although I am in agreement with the basic theological concept, is that it is often academically defined as autonomy and/or freedom of choice, therefore confusing the issue for some not familiar with Reformed theology. With my use of the terms compatibilistic free will or limited free will I hope to provide a concept of human freedom that is clearly understood to be different than libertarian free will.

Even prior to the fall of humanity, because of God’s infinite presence and simultaneous willing of acts, I would not see human free will as libertarian free will, but rather limited free will simultaneously influenced by God. After the fall of humanity, the corrupted nature of humanity would produce a corrupted consciousness, motives, and desires, which would lead to people freely choosing to embrace sin.

Vicki said...

Hi Kingpin68,
Thanks for visiting my sight. I would like to invite others from my visitors to be able to read your blog also. Jim will help me to make this happen.

thekingpin68 said...

You are linked.:)

Vicki said...

Thanks Russ,
You are also linked. This is going to be fun.

jeleasure said...

Since I posted a comment here earlier, I'll skip the protcall and just say I appreciate your comments on my blog concerning Dobson's stand against flawed theology.
There will be a reply to your comment when you arrive back there.
Love, your husband.

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