Thursday, September 25, 2008

I hear You, God

I am so blessed by the presence of the Lord tonight. It is rainy, cold, and I am home alone for the moment. I started reading Max Lucado's Experiencing the Heart of Jesus and heard again even louder the message that the Lord has been sending me all day. My happiness is centered in my faith.
I am remembering another September 25th exactly 30 years ago. I was living in San Diego, CA, and in the uncomfortable ending of my pregnancy. It was very hot and smoggy. I had the constant threat of toxemia, having high blood pressure with my pregnancy. We slept on the fold-out-couch because the air conditioner was in the window in the dining room - living room. The bedroom was just too hot.
There was a plane crash slightly north of us that day, and my Uncle Howard died in Toronto, OH.
A year later I was still living on Triana Street with my family, which now included a second wonderful son.
I had forgotten the actual date of Uncle Howard's death, but God remembered and knew that Aunt Laura needed a special message of love.
Early in the day God told me to call her. I told Him I was busy with my children and that I would call her tomorrow. He kept asking me in a gentle way over and over again to call her. You have to realize that this meant research. There was no internet and I had only written a letter along time ago. I didn't have the address, but thought they had been in Toranto, OH.
After a while, it became an obsession to call Aunt Laura. I had to find the area code in the telephone book in order to call directory assistance. Sometime while the sun was still burning brightly, I talked to Aunt Laura. I told her that I knew it was around this time of year that Uncle Howard had passed and that I wanted her to know I was thinking of her.
She very quietly said that it was a year ago today. I'm sure my call meant something to her, but God's prodding meant more to me. Aunt Laura passed away many years ago too, but I still remember the joy of that day when God made me uncomfortable so I could send a little love and kindness.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eve of 9/11

I’m remembering my experience the eve of 9/11/2001. As I write my story, I want you to think of yours and of others who suffered and many who continue to suffer physical and emotional pain. So many loved ones vanished suddenly and without warning.

I am one of the blest people who can sleep through the night without a need to get up for a bathroom trip. However, I awakened from a deep sleep with a desire to cross the hall to the powder room in the wee hours of 9/11. I never got out of my bed, because standing in the doorway was the presence of a large, fierce being, most likely a death angel. He was large with white hair and a large nose. I think he had a spiritual weapon in his hand. I knew then, and I know now, that I did not dare to cross in front of him, for he would have taken away my life. This is a fact.

Where did he go and what was he doing in my doorway just a few hours before tragedy? I did not know the pending tragedy and I was not sure what his role was. I did know that he was one of God’s powerful beings. Even now I am in awe that he was there.

Even though I have pieced together parts of my life to explain his presence, I would like to leave out any personal explanations. I want you to say a word of prayer and ask the Lord to show you an interpretation. I really would like to understand this happening.

It took me weeks to comprehend the connection to my night visitor to the happenings of the next day. When it dawned on me, I was humbled and amazed. I have not talked to many about this because the emphasis of 9/11 belongs to those who suffered loss.

We as a nation have suffered great loss of our people and even many freedoms. We must be a people of prayer for guidance for our nation.

Happy 59th anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Great Grandfather Humes

Great Grandfather Humes
Great Grandfather, Charles Humes, started the family interest in trucks. He is in the center of the picture and Great Grandmother, Eva Humes, is to the left of him.