Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 09, 2009
Last night I had an interesting dream that has significance.
I was visiting an increasing family of African Americans, starting with 5 or 6 and by the end was over 50. Everyone was in one accord with only one conversation going. They listened to me with kindness and acceptance. Since I was myself, I probably was a visitor, not a member, but I am unsure.
As we passed from one room to another, we say President Obama in a room with several people. He was sitting on the floor receiving instructions and writing them down. As I looked at him, I envisioned him as an innocent, attractive child with purity and goodness.
By time we arrived in the new room we were large in number. I shared my view of President Obama and requested that we pray for him together. We held hands and did not make a perfect circle. I started to pray, completing one sentence. Everyone seemed restless, moving individually, making the circle difficult. Everyone started talking amongst themselves, making prayer impossible. Everyone dropped hands and no longer was one in spirit.
This was the end of my dream. As I had my morning coffee I prayed for President Obama and then for the meaning of the dream.
The meaning of the dream is for the Church, especially for African American churches. Whether small or great we are meant to be one in spirit. WE MUST PRAY FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA.
Pray that he is:
Innocent of any evil intent
Childlike in his faith in Jesus Christ as his savior
Comely in the sight of God
Humble and able to receive wise counsel
Able to lead us as a nation to be a part of God’s Kingdom
PRAY FOR THE CHURCH wherever you are and around the world that we are:
Willing to pray together
Powerful for the Kingdom of God here on the earth
PASS this on to the leadership in your church and then to your friends to pass on to their leadership. Please understand it is very important that we pray in unison as the Church for leadership. Make a perfect circle; be united in spirit. Do not chatter, but pray in earnestness. Prayer changes things and is powerful.

Blessings to you and to your family in Jesus Christ, our only hope and salvation.


satire and theology said...

Pray that he is:
Innocent of any evil intent'

Hi, Vicki.

This is quite reasonable, as we should pray for such an important leader to hopefully be significantly influenced by God in obedience.

Praying for him of course does not mean there is a great deal of personal political support for the man's Presidency, but the gospel perspective in our world from a Christian should always come first.

Happy Easter,


Vicki said...

Thanks, Russ,
Happy Easter. He is risen indeed!!

Jody said...

I agree we need to pray for those in authority over us. The points you make to pray for President Obama are good too and I need to pray those for myself. He is Risen.

Tamela's Place said...

We will continue to pray for our leaders and President Obama.

Have a wonderful Easter! Yes, Jesus Christ has risen indeed!

Gigi said...

It is my fervent prayer that the Lord keeps His Hand on this president and his presidency. Yes, we must all be in one accord. I feel that our nation is truly on a precipice...

Vicki, I hope that you and Jim had a most blessed Easter!

Vicki said...

Dear Tamela, Jodi, and Gigi, and you too, Russ!
The truth of Easter is centrally important. Jim and I are still here serving the Lord.

We are taking a course at church called the Truth Project, sponsored by Focus on the Family. We finished the 9th tour on the state. According to this, our government is going away from God and permitting Him to be in control. I am asking the Lord to help guide our path as a nation back to Him. We are in trouble.

Farrah said...

That is such an interesting dream! I'm very interested in politics, and I read Focus on the Family's Citizen magazine. I've seen tons of bickering among Christian conservatives lately. I have also become more aware of the problems associated with the African American community. There are still many prejudiced white people, more than I realized before the last election. This has caused a strong hate in many African American churches directed toward white people.

The bickering among Christians is really hurting our influence. We do need more unity and prayer. Lots of people have much truth, but they are angry and disrespectful toward President Obama. I don't agree with many things he's doing, but directing hate his way really isn't helping the conservative cause.

Gigi said...

Vicki, you and Jim have been absent from my blogging rounds for a few weeks now...I pray that all is well with you both. You are missed. God bless...

Gigi said...

What a nice surprise to see you visited last night! I've missed you and have been praying that all is well...hope to see you and Jim back to blogging soon if that is God's Will for you. Be blessed my sister!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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