Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Read Your Bible Everyday

I have had the opportunity to teach teenagers and mature adults over the years, and my theme song has always been READ YOUR BIBLE EVERYDAY.

Thy Word is a lamb unto my feet and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

Someone reading these words may think that Amy Grant wrote them. Smile. She, like song writers over the centuries, used the Word of God, the Word of Truth. This makes her wise in this area.

Why should you read the Bible daily?
1. It is the Word of truth. When you pray or when you listen to words of advise from others, the Bible can tell you if the words you are hearing are within God’s vast Kingdom, or from the tiny kingdom of damnation.
2. You cannot be obedient unless you know what obedience is and what pleases God. Reading the Bible can help you avoid sin.
3. From His youth, Jesus studied and learned the scriptures. We as Christians should follow His path.
4. When talking to others, whether Christians or otherwise, we are responsible for truth. Sometimes we sound foolish when we act like we know the Word and our knowledge is spotty. We can lead others astray and permit gross heresies in ourselves.

What should you read? Of course, read all of it, both Old Testament and New Testament. Interpret the New from the Old. However, there is no time constraints, nor limits of times to read the Bible. There are new, fresh ideas continually as long as life lasts.

Here is a suggestion for starting: First get a bookmark and place it at the beginning of a book, such as Genesis, Matthew, I John, or Psalms. Take your time and read something, maybe only a few verses, everyday. It’s okay to read the same passage over and over for several days. You are not in a hurry. Ask the Lord of Truth to direct your mind as you read. Second, make an appointment daily to spend time in the Word. It will not happen unless you set aside time. Perhaps your time will be first thing in the morning, at lunch, or before you turn out the lights.

One night I got in bed and realized that I had failed to read my Bible. So I took my Bible into my closet so not to disturb my husband’s sleep with the light. God met me in that closet and revealed Himself in a most wonderful and personal way. That is another amazing story.

Please share with others what the Bible means to you. Tell how the Word has changed your life, perhaps a special story.


Jody said...

A great goal for all of us, to read the Bible every day for that is how we know our Great God and fellowship with him. Have a great day.

jeleasure said...

Hun, you know I don't read my Bible everyday. So, that is ofcourse why this hobby of blogging is good for me. It allows me to study scripture in a way that motivates me. For, I love to read other Christian blogs with their ideas and applications of scripture.
I recall just a little over four years ago, I studied daily and Journaled on what ever it was I studied. As you know, Journaling For Growth is a continuation of my old study patterns. Only now, I use the internet. So, I don't read my Bible as much, but my studying has reached a new depth.
Your Husband

Tamela's Place said...

When i first began reading the Bible I started out in the Book of John. That was the perfect Beginning for me. I have been hooked ever since.. The Word is Life everytime i read it.

Blessings to you Vicki :)

Vicki said...

Hi Jody and Tamela,
The Word of God helps us to hear Him and to know what He desires for us. Thanks for stopping by.

Jim, dear,
The Lord is directing your path. I know that reading the Bible helps me to cope with the stress of life and to praise Him . I love you.


Terri B' said...

what a wonderful gift this entry of your is for me. This year I am to read the Bible, and have been trying to start in my usual undisciplined fashion. Thank you for the simple guidelines. Most of my friends seem to be more mature in their faith lives than I feel, and it is easy to get caught up in the form rather than the purpose of activities. Returning to the Word looks to be the way to recover the purpose in doing "church stuff". Thank you.

makemeaspark said...

Vicki, I see that we share a great love. I love the Bible. It is life for me every day. As you have noted my day does not go quite right without my daily dose. Though i have used many different methods of reading the bible, from Bible in a Year to whole books etc. I started the current method about 3 years ago and recommend it highly.

I go first thing every day to http://www.usccb.org/nab/today.shtml and read the daily readings of over 1 billion Christians every day. There are three readings, the middle one is a portion of a psalm, when i get tot the psalm reading i skip over to ibs.org and bring up the psalm in the NIV Bible and stream a wonderful man reading the psalm. I usually will stream it at least twice perhaps three times.

The psalms are a special love of mine and one of my life goals is to learn them all, so far i only have about 10 memorized but through a lifetime of reading them and the current emphasis on them many are now very familliar and are working their way into my heart. Psalm 119 is a special love. Many of the verses in it are special to me.

I leave you with one of those, "I have hidden Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You."

Vicki said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Blessings to you as you read the Bible. Not that I know everything or anything, but I do love talking about various things in the Bible. I start my year in December because that is my birth month.

Vicki said...

Hi Sparks,
Jim says lovely things about you. Thank you for sharing about your habit of reading daily in a modern way. I'm sure you are encouragement to those who read.

Anonymous said...

Vickie, I remember how my life changed when you told me to spend 5 minutes every day reading my bible. I don't always do it every day, but it brings me much joy and comfort.

I'm working on my master's thesis on ministry to older adults. To my surprise, most of it is ecclesiology drawn from the bible. I get so jazzed about my discoveries!

Vicki said...

How I miss you so very,very much. And I am proud of you. Keep reading your Bible. And send me an email at vcleasure@verizon.net.

Gigi said...

My Sweet Hubby and I began our Bible reading using yearly Bibles. I still use mine today. I wish I had a better memory and could keep more verses in my head, but that is not a gift I have. So I continue to read and study and try to hold onto something every day from God's Word. If I miss a day, I have such a nagging...

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