Sunday, November 30, 2008

strange entry

This is going to be a strange entry, but I must believe that only a portion of what I have spent time and effort to write and to post is meant to be kept.

I always write a Word document, save, and paste it to the blog. This time, for the first time that I can remember since the 1980’s, I somehow accidentally erased scripture and thoughts on the vision of the powerful Christ in Revelation chapter 1, followed by Daniel’s vision of the Ancient of Days and One like unto the Son of Man in Daniel 7. The following is all that is left of 3 pages:

When John saw the glorified Christ, he was so frightened that he fell down as if dead.

This was not at the first nor at the last of the document. When writing about the powerful, frightening, and judgmental Christ, and it somehow goes away, I will not rewrite it. I will believe that whatever message God wants you to have is herein.


jeleasure said...

So, you are saying that a portion (a very small portion) of what you wrote is all that was saved in your Word file. Well, I don't know what happened to the rest. I do know that you were working for quite a while on your laptop yesterday, for you post this evening. So, I'll testify to how strange that is that you have only a little bit from somewhere in the middle of your document.
I know how the Lord speaks to you and through you. I know of the signs that were very clearly laid out when you answered the Lord. So, if God wants only this to be read, then those who read it are meant to gain understanding. I understand. As to not lead anyone else, I don't think I will say what I see the meaning of this is here. I'll talk to you later.
Love Jim

jeleasure said...

By the way. After I published my comment to this the first time, the word verification at the bottom said, "CURED" !

Usually it is a mess of jumbled letters, like what I see now "atantio".

thekingpin68 said...

Thanks for the comments,Vicki.

My pastor has been preaching on Daniel and Revelation lately,and I prepared some notes for him from my Mounce Revelation text and others.

There is much to learn from those two books for me.


Jody said...

Hi Vicki,
God's providence is wonderful,even when it comes to computers. God's message always prevails.

Vicki said...

Jim, Russ, and Jody,
Thanks for so quickly visiting my new blog. If God has something He wants you to share, please do, for I'm not sure why all of my writings were erased.
I think it interesting that CURED was written for publishing your comments, Jim.
Many seem to be studying Daniel and Revelation these days, Russ. Do you think it means anything?
Yes, Jody, God will use erasures as well as words.


Christinewjc said...

Hi Vicki,

Jim encouraged me to come over and visit your blog. I can certainly relate to your "strange entry" post. I have written long comments and have seen them zapped by blogger!

My second attempt to re-write what I wanted to say was often much shorter.

Yes. Sometimes the Lord gives us messages like that. I think that I have been guilty of being "long-winded" and cutting a message down to the nitty gritty is what is often needed!

BTW, the "word verification" for this comment post is "reaspie" Sounds similar to "respite," doesn't it?

Gigi said...

Ahhh, come quickly Lord Jesus!! Revelation reminds us that when our Savior returns, he does NOT come as the meek lamb...but as a mighty lion! Yes, what John saw was frightening. And I pray that all come to know and love the Lord before the clouds part. But we know that will not happen and there will be many who will see what John saw. Then they will understand what it means to fear the Lord. In the meantime, it is our duty to win as many souls for Christ as we possibly can.

Greg said...

Hmmm... did you try Undo? The shortcut would be Ctrl-Z.

Anyway, the one sentence you have left is a testimony to the awesomeness of God.

thekingpin68 said...

We are Biblically in the last days (post resurrection) and so a study of eschatology is always useful.

An advisor told me at Trinity Western University while I was a student that there are few scholars on the last things. That being true, one has to be very careful concerning the writings of many 'speculators'.

Thanks, Vicki.


Vicki said...

Hi Christine,
I often read your blog, or have it read to me. This is one of the many nice qualities of my Jim: he reads to me.
I pray for the words of conviction that you have concerning present politics. I share your feelings, but for myself, my main point of action is prayer. I also share, but feel strongly that God is working, especially in the midst of our crisis.
I agree with Gigi, Even so Lord Jesus quickly come.
Thanks for being my friend too.
Blessings, Christine.

Vicki said...

Yes, Greg, I tried to UNDO and looked in the recycling bin, looked to see if it somehow arrived in another folder. It was gone!
I am so tempted to write more about this topic, but for now, I believe firmly that less is better.
Thanks for visiting, Greg.

Vicki said...

Good evening, Gigi,
I often think of you at the end of the day, and pray for the Lord to be especially near you in the quiet darkness of the night.
I can say this with tremendous conviction: Our God is more powerful than we can imagine. He is incharge.
I don't know your breathing in and breathing out, Gigi, but what I know, I am very proud of you and hope I will display the beauty of holiness when I must suffer the difficulties that you are facing.
Blessings, Gigi.

Vicki said...

Hi Russ,
I have been thinking about your words to be careful about the witings of speculators. My thought here is that John is warned at the end of Revelation that those who would add or take away from the words written would suffer the plagues mentioned. Thus we should not stray from the truth, and be very careful about speculations.
Thanks again, Russ.

satire and theology said...

Those are wise words, Vicki.


Tamela's Place said...

Hello Vicki,

I believe that this was not an accident. God is over all and in control! This is awesome! those words speaks volumes!

Tamela :)

texasdaisey said...

I have learned to go with the Lord no matter how strange. I enjoyed visiting your blog. I visit a church in Denton every now & then. Thanks so much for the sweet comments. You sound like an awesome Lady in Christ. I like you already. blessings,

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