Sunday, August 17, 2008

Listen for yourself about Obama and McCain

Last night both Obama and McCain were interviewed by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church. Many pointed questions were asked Obama and McCain separately and without hearing one another. As I began listening through the answers, I prayed for guidance to listen carefully without any preconceived decisions or bias.

Before you listen to my thoughts or to any other commentary, please LISTEN FOR YOURSELF to the answers given. I believe you will know for which candidate you should vote. Please follow the link to watch the interviews. There will be a brief laps between segments to load the data. Please allow 15 second commercial at the start of each interview. Video with Barak Obama and John McCain being interviewed by Rick Warren.

I was impressed with one candidate who did not fudge around with his answers, nor did he say the answers were difficult. There was a wealth of experience from which he could draw reflections and fantastic responses. The other, because there is very little background, did the fudging and actually gave cutsie answers, like, when answering to whom would you go for advise concerning guiding the USA, he said his grandmother. Shish!

Do you know the issues? Do you know what the Bible says, really says about abortion and same sex marriages? You'd better find out and adhere to what has worked over the course of history. God's Word is truth. If we want to safeguard our nation, we had better vote accordingly.

God bless America! This is the land of the free. It is wonderful, and a great privilege to express my opinion.


thekingpin68 said...

Yes, Obama, same old liberal answers.

However, I reason it will take much more than a change of President to change the morality of America, and the same can be said in general terms for other Western countries.


Vicki said...

Thanks for stopping by Russ.
Sorry for being so uneven in my blogging.
Nice to chat with you.

jeleasure said...

Good thoughts on this issue. People should really listen to understand a person for whom is genuine.
Rick Warren speaks of life not being about "Me" in his book, "The Purpose Driven Life". Barak Obama, quickly made a statement about getting himself out of the way. That was a clear ploy to pander to Warren's audience. Which by the way, is a lot of Book Reading Christians.
I can not see that McCain is pandering to anyone. In his comments, he demonstrated very easily from life's experience that he is a Christian. His answers were quick. He was sharp, lucid and concise.

jeleasure said...

Hi Vicki,
Here is a new contact for you. Her name is Amand. If you contact her and comment on her page, also say that I sent you. She will link with you.
Do You Really Have to Kiss Frogs?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your lovely comments!

And thank you for sharing this video! I really needed to see this.

Barak scares me because he is a pretty good speaker - he can make a "non-answer" sound like a pretty good statement.

Gigi said...

My Sweet Hubby and I watched the Saddleback Civil Forum in eager anticipation - and like you, we approached it with prayer that our minds be open to both candidates. Our country is desperately in need of revival. And it can't come soon enough...We pray that the right man is elected and that our nation will once again turn toward the face of God.

Vicki, thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet words! I'd love to add you to my blogroll with your permission...

By the way - I couldn't believe my eyes when I read your profile!! You have GROWN children and GRANDCHILDREN?? Neither one of you look old enough for that! Secret please!

satire and theology said...

Hello, Vicki.

Some thoughts on the current political process.


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